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Accomplishments to Toot Our Horn!


Monetary Support

  • Since the 1998 incorporation, the association has contributed to an assess of $117,986.39 for students' needs.

  • Since 2018, the association has contributed $10,000 each year.

  • Contributed $20,000 towards school supplies and activities 2017.

  • Distributed over $60,000 for Senior Scholarships.

  • Established a state automobile license plate for financial support for students and the school. The proceeds average $1300 per month and are used for the Senior Scholarship Program.

  • Purchased uniforms for the Lanier High School Choir.

  • Financially supports the sports program (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) totaling $1200.

  • Provided funding to support College Road Trips for ninth-grade students.

  • Supported the Health Academy students by providing monogrammed scrubs each January and on an as-needed basis.

  • Provided funds for the football team to attend Summer Training Camp at Mississippi College and three Junior colleges.

Community Service and Collaboration

  • The LHSNAA members, in collaboration with the University Mississippi Medical Center and Jackson Public School Board representative, serve on the Teen Wellness Advisory Team.

  • The LHSNAA has established and maintained a clothes closet for students.

  • Managed grants from the National Football League to support the LHS Football team (grant totals $6500).

  • Participates in the annual Spring Cleanup of the campus and the surrounding neighborhood, supporting students who need community service hours.

  • Volunteer for field trips and extended stay trips (no cost to the association).

  • Serve as district and state assessment proctors to maintain test security.

  • Support the needs of homeless students and families.

  • Collaborates with the Armstrong Family Scholarship Program to provide financial support for first-year college students.

Teacher Support

  • Provides yearly teacher luncheon and acts of kindness to show faculty and staff appreciation.

  • Provides library resources on African American studies.

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