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Fundraising Events 

The Lanier High School National Alumni Association seeks to enhance students' community and educational experiences through fundraising events. The purpose of fundraising helps us fulfill our mission, vision, and goals as we strive to provide valuable resources for the students, faculty, and staff of Lanier High School. Without fundraising events and your support, we would not be able to ensure our programs' financial sustainability, critical for our organization.

Black Tie Event


The Black Tie Event is an annual fundraiser designed to generate funds for the Alumni Association.  The Black Tie Event is a formal occasion and is considered the largest fundraiser of the association.  

Christmas in July.PNG
Giving Tuesday.PNG
Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a fundraiser to supplement student needs. 

Giving Tuesday

November 30, 2021


Each year, Giving Tuesday takes place on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and was created to shed light on the original concept of giving during the holiday season. Giving Tuesday, or better known as #GivingTuesday, was designed to boost the spirit and act of sharing through social media sites. With social media being the primary tool of communication for today's generation, it is ideal for taking to the web to foster engagement, awareness, and participation in the diminishing art of charity and generosity. This event, reserved for the 2021 year, occurs Tuesday, November 30, 2021. 

Launching 2022-2023

Top 8 Under 90 
The Top 8 Under 60 event is designed to spotlight graduates of Lanier High School.

Each recipient, during their recognition year, is challenged to raise funds to support students of Lanier.


Battle of the Classes

The Battle of the Classes is a friendly competition designed to increase the Lanier High School Alumni Association membership. More details will be provided as this event nears.

833 Challenge.PNG
833 for Life Challenge
A monthly contribution of $8.33


The 833 for Life Challenge is an initiative designed for dedicated Alumni and supporters of our beloved Lanier High School. The premise is to support the school and in essence the community by making a small monthly contribution of $8.33 per 1st Tuesday of each month, Alumni are challenged to donate $8.33. Alumni who meet this goal will contribute $99.96 each year.  The funds will be used to propel Lanier to the forefront in the areas that are most important to our community and the students that it serves. 

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