W. H. Lanier High School is the oldest Colored (African- American) High School in the city of Jackson, MS having been established in 1925 on East Ash Street, later relocated to 833 Maple Street in the heart of the Georgetown community. 

The Lanier High School National Alumni Association was established in 1998 by a group of graduates who were committed to the academic success of the students.  The Association is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization.  Our Mission is to support and increase the success of all students academically, economically and socially. To this end, a Scholarship program for seniors was established to facilitate post-secondary studies. The association supports the parents/families through the school’s PTSA, the teachers/staff academically and financially and the school administration by providing tools for school-wide success on the state test and the ACT.

We envision increasing the number of students who graduate from Lanier High School by increasing the subject area test scores, as well as ACT scores.  With a rich history, the Lanier High School National Alumni Association strives to see our students become high performing academic scholars.


Alvin Thomas, Sr.
Chairman, Board of Directors


The vision of the Lanier High School National Alumni Association is to establish a non-profit organization that supports the academic, social, and economic needs of Lanier High School students, and to help families participate in the education of their children. Our vision is to increase the number of students that graduate from Lanier High School. We will assist with increasing test scores in all subject areas as well as the ACT test and state required testing. Our goal is to see that the students of Lanier High School have ACT test scores and state required test scores that exceed the state average.  With continued work we see Lanier High School performance being considered that standard for students, not only in Jackson Public School District but in MS and even the nation.


To support the academic, social, and economic needs of students at Lanier High School in order to increase academic success and support the development of the skill sets that will contribute to the participatory citizenship of all students.